Do the right thing

Do what you think is right. Someone said this to me recently. It sounds so simple. This was unrelated to work but it got me thinking - what does doing ‘what you think is right’ mean in a workplace like a museum?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ethics lately and not just because of this theme but because I’m interested in the intersection of personal ethics and ‘the organisation.’ Or more specifically, how to negotiate your own personal ethical, moral code once you step into the wonderful, inspiring, constricting, frustrating confines of an organisation...

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Let's talk about access, baby......

At the recent National Digital Forum held at Te Papa, the concept of 'access' was a recurring theme. Though manifesting itself in many ways, it was a common thread that wound through every presentation I saw and every conversation I had over the course of the two day conference. But what does access mean in the cultural sector? 

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The Beginning

Emergent, adjective

  1. In the process of coming into being or becoming prominent.

Tusk, noun

     2.  a long pointed tooth, especially one which protrudes from the closed mouth.

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