Flight Path - Salote Tawale

Here is a podcast.

The podcast is me hanging out and recording things with my friends who are artists.

It’s called ‘Flight Path’ because its about the different trajectories, influences and motivations of my artist friends. I also like birds. Especially the albatross who, with its massive wingspan, goes on crazy long distance flights during which it cries salty tears as it filters the sea water it drinks. Those salty tears are realised in the tukutuku pattern Roimata Tōroa. He tauira hei hokinga mahara nē? Taking off, going the distance and remembering where you’re from: Flight Path (insert classic kiwi BBQ reggae song about knowing you’re roots…?). ‘Albatross’ is also a Fleetwood Mac song, just like ‘Tusk’ – bit of a stretch there.

Being a Māori artist/curator is like being a player/coach. Sometimes you’re playing and sometimes you’re on the side line cheering and figuring out a game plan for your team. This podcast is unashamedly part of my game plan.

The first two episodes of Flight Path have been generously supported financially and morally by the ‘Emerging Curators Programme’ facilitated through The Physics Room, Blue Oyster and Creative New Zealand.

Flight Path Episode One:

Salote Tawale

Salote and I became such good friends during the Indigenous Visual and Digital Arts Residency in Banff, Canada that although we’d only just met, people thought we’d known each other for years. I even started to get annoyed at her like a sister because I was always waiting for her. We made some art together, including recreating scenes from ‘The Shining’ at The Banff Hotel, after High Tea of course. A favourite Banff moment is when she thought we were getting attacked by elks and she sprinted past me in her iconic blue and yellow mountaineering down jacket, yelling in her loud as Aussie accent ‘Get inside! Quick! Quick!’. Once safe and panting inside, some polite Canadians quietly told us that the hoofed animal tuned out to be a super tame deer. Aside from being a kind and hilarious person, Salote is a considerate artist who makes dope work. Proper credentials here

Bridget Reweti