FRIDAY Fast Five: Take it easy...

In times such as these - when your to-do list seems to be multiplying like wet Gremlins and you begin to suspect that Maui actually never slowed the sun down because time is going SO QUICKLY - you just have to stop and smell the roses. Take a moment, slow down and enjoy the finer things in life - such as the things featured in today's Fast Five:

1. Random Bot 

A mysterious Instagram account that uses "auto tagging software to match museum objects with interesting quotes....." has recently popped up and by "interesting quotes" it seems to primarily mean hip-hop lyrics and that's ok with me. I say - memes and museums? Give me MOOOOAAAR:


I mean, that little figurine? Such questionable lols. 

2. Last weekend, my family and I took a trip on the Tranzalpine train from Christchurch to Greymouth and back. I have a deep love of train travel so it was 'all aboard' for me but when I realised there was also an historic audio tour to boot, I was all:


Call me old-fashioned but I love a good audio tour. 

3. I've managed to miss most of the Bridget Williams Books Winter Talk series at Auckland Art Gallery but this weekend I will try my very best to make it along to:

The e-Tangata Storytellers
Sunday 27 August, 3pm to 4pm
Auckland Art Gallery auditorium, lower ground floor

Panel: Tapu Misa, Dale Husband, Moana Maniapoto, Māmari Stephens
Chair: Stacey Morrison

You should too.

4. This morning the New York Times hosted a live-streamed conversation about about race, feminism, Charlottesville and her newest book, "Hunger." The good thing about "live-stream" is that you don't actually have to catch it live at all because it's on Facebook forever. 

5. This week has also reminded me of what a soothing balm listening to music can be in times of stress. Music can slow time. The right track and the right moment in the right place has the ability to wash away all the worries of the day. I had one of those moment last night as I left work, walked out into the gloriously still night and came face to face with a blushed late-winter sunset over Takarunga and Ranigtoto just as the old fav below came on and it was just one of those perfect, meditative, still moments. 

So whanau, I hope you've had a good week. If not, put some Beach House and look at a beautiful sunset and I guarantee things will start looking a little brighter: