FRIDAY FAST FIVE: Welcome Distractions

I am very, very nervous. About a week ago a small but not insignificant flutter of butterflies began to congregate in the pit of my stomach. In the intervening days the butterflies have not only multiplied exponentially but taken up permanent residency. I am very nervous about tomorrow's election. Pretty neat feelings of hopefulness have been replaced with dread and an unshakable feeling that come Sunday, the majority of people in Aotearoa will not have chosen to step into a fairer, more equitable, empathetic, progressive future. The unregistered voters, the baseless Labour tax 'scandal', Gareth Morgan just generally being a giant dick by trying to undercut the Green's voting base. All of these things and many, many more. So, this Fast Five is brought to you in the spirit of positive-vibes, welcome distractions, some things that have briefly taken my mind of those swirling, twirling butterflies. So let's get excited about:

1. Voting!

In spite of the nerves, I love voting. I especially love voting with other people. I especially loved this year's voting experience as I cast my ballot alongside some of my wonderful colleagues to mark 124 years since women won the right right to vote in Aotearoa. It was fab.

Me aro koe ki te hā o Hineahuone.

2. Symposiums!  

On a voting-related note, I've just spotted the details for next year's Costume and Textile Association of New Zealand symposium and it's got legs people:

Unbound: Liberating women

21-23 September 2018, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin

Recognising 125 years of women’s suffrage in New Zealand, the 2018 CTANZ symposium offers an opportunity to explore the past, present or future roles of dress and textiles in women’s suffrage and other liberating moments. How do cloth, clothes, fashion and art reveal, reflect or challenge social limits for women?

By focusing on liberating women, Unbound celebrates the power of cloth and clothes in the visual, material world and explores how women make, use, transform and transcend boundaries

3. Book clubs!

Some friends from work have just initiated a book club and I'm feeling pretty pumped. I've tended to avoid them in the past (too much pressure, don't want to seem like a dumb dumb numb-nuts in front of mucho smart people etc etc) but in the spirit of expanding my mind and my literary repertoire I will try for the second time in my life to join a book club. Up first: Jonathon Franzen's Purity

4. Courtney Johnson's Instagram!

From social media observations, Courtney is in the UK on a British Council programme and is seemingly going to alllllllll the galleries and museums and is therefore posting allllllll the delightful Instagrams of what she's encountering. Some of my favs:

More Hella Jongerius

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5. Werner Herzog!

I adore him. I think I became a superfan when I heard his interpretation of Where's Wally. It's worth a watch just to get to the part where he says the word 'scroll.' In more recent Werner-watching news , I just watched Encounters At the End of the World, which sees Herzog exploring the vast landscape of Antarctica and the people who are drawn to its power and isolation. Like all of his films it's fascinating and strange, beautiful and melancholic, funny and tragic. Plus I think I had a minor existential crisis during this part which features a potentially depressed and discombobulated penguin:

Speaking of existential crises - I wish everyone luck and aroha for the next 48 hours. I hope you spend it with people you love so that regardless of the outcome you've got your bases covered for whatever kind of celebratory or comforting hug you might need. Just to be extra Kiwi and cheesy I'm making this old timey classic my anthem for the weekend. It seems pretty appropriate. Arohanui x