SATURDAY Slow Selection: Stealth health

It’s been a time poor week whānau. Whakaaro goes out to all those who are affected by the awful sicknesses that are flying about and stealthy health to those who have not been affected! I’m jetting back from a flying visit to Auckland so, seeing as we’re heading into a cold and wet weekend, I’m just going to send you off in style with my latest watching recommendations. Cosy up and chill out (weird oxymoron there).

1.       RuPaul’s Drag Race

Yes. I know. I’m the only idiot who hasn’t watched this yet. I’d heard loads about it but for whatever reason, had never taken the next step to get started. And then one glorious day, a video of a beautiful queen doing the most spectacular petal-related dance entered my Facebook timeline and my life was forever changed. I’m currently on Season 8 and will work my way back through the episode as this is a universe I never want to leave. It's currently on Netflix so get innnnnn.

2.       Ralph Hotere

To art of another kind. I need to get better at remembering how great NZ Onscreen is and the amazing amount of films and things that are online. I’ve fallen into something of a Hotere rabbit hole, which I aint hating, and have particularly enjoyed this documentary. Shout out to the special guest appearances from Cigarettes. My how best practice has evolved. And if you want to read about the friendship between Hotere and Hone Tuwhare, I enjoyed this.

3.       Diversity in museums

MuseumNext Europe was recently held and I’ve seen this video shared a couple of times, and while I haven’t had a chance to see it, I tautoko the message from Shaz Hussein of The Royal Airforce Museum, London, and look forward to watching.

4.       Speaking of which

A couple of weeks back I attended the Creative New Zealand annual ‘Nui te Kōrero’ conference which had a theme of diversity. It was, at times, a frustrating day (some of the reasons why were covered in this review on The Big Idea). If you want to look over some of the conference content, they’ve put up some of the videos online, available here.

5.       Caldonia

I’m too tired to think of a fifth video so my video is this week’s song. Brought to you by my assistance for the comms team who were doing the 5 minute quiz this week and one question asked who Louis Jordan was. I killed it. THIS is Louis Jordan with his band the Tympany Five. See also his classic song about the feuding Beans and Cornbread. And now I need to go before my taxi driver’s driving makes me vomit.

Have a great weekend.

Okay, just cause it's so good. Here's Beans and Cornbread: