FRIDAY Fast Five: Another week, another worry

I tried to make that sound like 'another day, another dollar' so feel free to judge whether or not I pulled it off. There were few things that happened this week that made me rather angry. However, I also watched the first and last two movies of Harry Potter and that helped to balance out the annoying reality of the world we live in with the fantasticality of a universe that, at times, is so goddamn bleak. Also, Hermione and Professor McGonagall are part of that universe which makes it even greater. Without further ado, onto my Fast Five where I preview some of our upcoming DIVERSITY pieces by telling you about some of our inspirations:


1. Wikipedia as an antidote to sexism

One of our forthcoming new contributors sent us through this link about a female scientist who is writing a Wikipedia entry for a women scientist for every instance where she harassed by sexist boneheads. It's  amazing and depressing to note that her project has already led to the creation of 367 articles about women scientists. Emily Temple-Wood now has 76 other volunteers around the world who are helping on the project.

2. Intersectional Feminism

I've found myself thinking about feminism a lot lately and the ways in which I find that it isn't a perfect fit for me. This article was really good at articulating a lot of what I was thinking. And it was a great, great great example of how insidious some beliefs are.

3. Social media

I am really glad that I made the decision recently to turn my Facebook back on. It has politicised me in an unprecedented way and between that and the Tusk twitter account, I've been able to partake in some really incredible conversations about the sector that I otherwise would've missed out on. I really value the ability to discuss things with people that are really important to me. Creating a dialogue is evvvvverything. Though you do get mad FOMO when people are attending some top notch symposia that you're not at.

4. The Carpenters

For some reason this song is in my head as a Māori-whānau-drinking-in-the-shed-and-singing tune. Maybe because it is one. Karen Carpenter had the most incredibly ethereally sad voice. I remembered it this week and have had The Carpenters on loop ever since. 

Baby baby baby baby ooooooohhhhhhh baby, behold Karen on drums, she was so talented:

5. Cartoons

This is an underrated medium that I am only just starting to appreciate. One reason is because of Sharon Murdoch whose cartoon I featured in my 'Why all the tangi?' Fast Five. She's knocked it out of the park again with this one in reaction to the kiwi-meter pile of shit:

Another museum-related one from Puawai Cairns who is currently having a FOMO-inducing time at the Encounters Conference at National Museum Australia:

On that note, happy Friday. Embrace your rage and your opinions, good things can come from them.