FRIDAY Fast Five: Museums/galleries in other artforms

Kia ora, bit of a late one I'm afraid but what can you do when you have whānau visiting and they close you out of your drafted blog post. Hei aha, move on.

This week's Fast Five is inspired by a movie that I saw recently that made me go "hmmm what other representations of museums and galleries have there been in movies?" Researching the topic appeared to be particularly problematic as I hadn't seen any of the movies that were coming up. Then I got a song stuck in my head and this hodgepodge (can't believe that is an actual word!) of mostly museums in movies post was born.

1. Woman in Gold

I attended the inaugural Art+Crime symposium a few weeks ago and it was interesting and eye opening seeing the sector from this perspective. Woman in Gold was mentioned a couple of times as an example of art crime given the Hollywood/Helen Mirren treatment. When it was brought up everyone nodded and said "hmmm yes" and I had no idea what they were talking about. Now I do. It's a sad, seemingly hopeless story that ends well (it is Hollywood after all and they can't ever end badly).

2. Me At The Museum, You At The Wintergardens - Tiny Ruins

The song that I got stuck in my head. Sahhhh pretty.

3. Night at the Museum parts 1 - too many.

I'm not even going to link to anything related to this franchise because I'm cranky and Ben Stiller bugs me to no end. Does he only ever play one character? If you are a die-hard Ben Stiller fan then ignore me and know that I am full of grease and not enough Friday beers and am writing this for the second time.

4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I had completely forgotten this scene. It's so beautiful. The music. The framing of the scenes. The zoom-ins. I'm a huge fan of arty zoom-ins.

5. Big-eyed Emma Stone

Big Eyes is on my long list of things to see when I get the luxury to see it. In lieu of not seeing it, enjoy some LOLs care of everyone's Big Girl crushes who kill it at presenting/being awesome.

Happy Friday. Get down with your bad self.

Matariki Williams