FRIDAY Fast Five

Kia ora, it's Friday. Everyone wants to be sipping beers and chardonnay so I'll get right to the point. I'm playing Fantasy (you can play it too because I just had the best idea ever and have embedded some Mariah Carey for you because Mariah is on fi-ahhh) and dreaming of some exhibitions I could go and see if I was a boss player with all the money.

1. This has been on my wishlist for yonks. Shoes: Pleasure and Pain at the V&A looks amazing and when you follow them on social media you get constant reminders that you aren't there. So, I'm feeling the pain part of that very much.

2. On a totally different kaupapa, another exhibition in London I'd like to experience is the trench at the Imperial War Museum. Holy fuck. That sounds morbid. I do have an ulterior motive though (which begins with me giving the Great War Exhibition at the Dominion Museum a giant side-eye) as I'd like to compare the trench at IWM to the upcoming trench installation at GWE.

3. The newly opened Kongo: Power and Majesty has earned a giant high five from me mainly because the accompanying texts refer to the exhibition content as art. In this day and age, it still heartens me to see non-Western cultural objects being described as art (i.e. NOT as artefacts) by Westerners. Another write-up here.

4. Back in Aotearoa, LOOKING FLASH - Tailor-made and Home-made: clothing Kaitaia. There isn't much information to go on but I'd love to be able to see more regional museums, more frequently. Also, "Looking Flash" is a mean name for an exhibition. 

5. Lastly, another regional exhibition, this time at Rotorua Museum, Night & Day: The Curious Collections of Tony Fomison. Fascinating-sounding chap (is there a biography about him?) and I love the idea of having his souvenirs and mementoes on show to see how they could "give an insight into this artist whose work is often described as brooding or foreboding."

On that note, happy Friday. Happy Mariah Carey.

Matariki Williams