FRIDAY Fast Five: Selfies, Bey and Onika

To celebrate Bey and Onika fiiiiiianlly doing 'Feeling Myself' live I thought I would dedicate this FRIDAY Fast Five to.......self portraits! 


Ben Cauchi,  Ghost Head,  2005

Ben Cauchi, Ghost Head, 2005

1. I love Ben Cauchi's work and it seems particularly applicable to my current state of mind given all of the American Horror Story I've been fiending recently. His work is menacing, meditative, austere and seems to exist in a kind of transient shifting realm. And is gorgeous. 


 Marilyn Lowey,  Self Portrait I and II

 Marilyn Lowey, Self Portrait I and II

2. I have only just stumbled across this Los Angeles based artist and light designer, but I'm reeeeallly digging this work. Fluorescent tubes are OK anywhere, anytime in my book. Her work 'investigates the use of light as optical, sculptural, and psychological spectacle.'  Sign me up I say.


 Douglas Coupland,  Gumhead,  2015

 Douglas Coupland, Gumhead, 2015

3. Another new discovery, Canadian artist and novelist Douglas Coupland installed this two-meter black resin and polyester self-portrait sculpture in Toronto earlier this year after it's previous tenure outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2014. It is described as a "gum-based, crowd-sourced, publicly interactive, social sculpture, self-portrait." It invites passersby to contribute to it's ever-evolving form by sticking chewing-gum all over it. Amazing. Apparently up the nose is a favourite spot.


Karoline Hjorth and Riita Ikonene,  Eyes as Big as Plates

Karoline Hjorth and Riita Ikonene, Eyes as Big as Plates

4. Not quite self-portraits but I just adore this collaborative series by Karoline Hjorth and Riita Ikoene depicting elders as characters from Finnish folklore.


Tim Sherratt,  The Real Face of White Australia

Tim Sherratt, The Real Face of White Australia

5. Another loose definition of self-portrait but too interesting to not include (and on my mind seeing as it was presented at NDF2015). The face above is the result of Tim Sherrat, Manager of Trove at National Library of Australia, running a facial recognition program over 7000 photos collected from the National Archives of Australia for Sherratt's  Invisible Australians  project. The project allows you to explore the the records of White Australia through the faces of those who were persecuted, discriminated against, controlled, monitored and restricted under this policy. If you didn't catch it, see Tim's NDF2015 presentation here

I would embed a 'Feeling Myself' video but Bey and Jay have their Tidal sharing restrictions on lock. So here's a picture instead. Go forth and feel thyselves.....