FRIDAY Fast Five: Museum/Gallery podcasts

Friday, I'm in LOVE. Thank you Wellington southerly for blowing away all that rain and bringing us some beautiful weather just in time for the weekend. It's so sunny. Yaaaaaay. Anyway, you've seen the post title, I'm here for the podcasts. Here are five museum/gallery-related podcasts that I've been listening to:

1. Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum

From the Radio New Zealand website: "Smart Talk is part of the popular LATE at the Museum evenings, in which panel discussions are paired with contemporary music performances, providing thought-provoking and enjoyable entertainment for a diverse audience." I've never heard the music performances (maybe they're not part of the copyright clearance?) but I do really love these panel discussions. The two most recent talks about the Treaty of Waitangi and Songs of the City are most excellent, the panelists are always well-spoken and irreverent which is a potent and engaging mix.

2. Science Express at Te Papa

What I like about this podcast and the one from Auckland is that they both illustrate the breadth of experiences that museums touch upon. This podcast in particular expands upon the field of science, which isn't really a field but indeed a whole bunch of fields. Wow. You can tell I'm not a scientist with that unspecific and terribly unscientific way of describing 'science'. The Te Papa channel has stored all the previous podcasts and if you want to go along, the talks are free and occur on the first Thursday of every month. Next topic up: Radiation Therapy in Cancer Treatment.

3. Landmark Women from National Museum of Australia

This podcast is a recording of a monthly event held by the NMA Museum Friends and features prominent women talk ingabout their lives, work and passions. Admittedly, I have only listened to one of these podcasts but boy oh boy it was a good one. Marion Le is a human rights advocate and lawyer who grew up in New Zealand but has lived in Australia for decades. It is a sad listen because she speaks about her time working with refugee children in Australian detention centres which is a terrible indictment on how fucked up this world is. Le also talks about some of her family history and, GAWD that is also horribly sad. If you feel like being sad, have a listen. But also feel inspired and emboldened that the world is happy to have people like Marion Le in it.

4. NZ History

I was lucky enough to get along to a few of these talks in person but in looking at this page I have also found some real gems that I can catch up on. Namely the talks from Dame Margaret Sparrow and Aroha Harris. Thank you NZ History!

5. Auckland Art Gallery - Toi o Tamaki

Now, Auckland Art Gallery. I really want you to be on here for a good reason, because I think your content sounds like it would be amazing. But I'm afraid you're not here for a good reason and that is because the sound/recording quality is so fucking poor that it was too frustrating for me to listen to so I gave up. Sometimes the speakers sound like they are outside and then all of a sudden it sounds like someone next to you is whispering in your ear. Also, too much echoing and crowd noise. 


Also, it's Friday so you need a song. And, I'm sorry to do this but my first sentence should've been fair warning that this song was going to be the song. Haere rā!