FRIDAY Fast Five: House Museum and the return of a Queen

Today took a turn, a vomiting turn, in the form of my daughter recovering from a stomach bug and me not being at work. This weekend, all going to plan/recovery from sickness, we'll be having our housewarming. So, I have taken the liberty of my being at home to take plenty of photos of our 1970s house museum. Also, BREAKING NEWS: Missy Elliot has released a new song so obvs this post will incorporate her and her genius in a very stretched attempt at linking our house to the genius of Misdemeanour. MISDEMEANOUR IN THE HOUSE.

1. Wallpaper 1 and interior window - Gossip Folks


This photo reminds me of the old office at my high school which was built in the 1950s out of beautiful native wood. It was the kind of space that had ancient sliding windows but was no longer being used as an office so all these space-specific interior features were sadly redundant. Much like this interior window (that's the bottom of it) that has no function. 

Speaking of schools: Gossip Folks.

2. Lit up map - Lose Control

There are random lights everywhere in this house, sometimes they work out very well like in this space that perfectly fit our map and provides it with its own light. Ciara also gets lit up on the wall in this video:

3. Pull - Work It


Just in case we forgot how our doors worked, we have handy handles to remind us. The other side of the door has one that says "Push". Also, tenuous connection here but push, pull, Work It. Aint no shame ladies, do your thang, just make sure you ahead of the game.

4. Mustard swirl - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

Not sure who the visionary was that decided to cover up the matai floorboards with mustard AND chocolate/vanilla swirl carpet but I dig it. It's a hallucinatory mix. Much like Supa Dupa Fly. 

5. The best wallpaper you have ever seen - Get ur freak on

From our bathroom. Which also has a pink bath and pink toilet. There was only ever one song that I was going to pair this photo with.

6. BONUS: Wallpaper on your toilet - WTF

Is your toilet cistern covered in the same wallpaper as the rest of your bathroom? You're missing out. WTF.

Back to modern day. Anyway, gotta go. Two kids need attention. HAPPY FRIDAY HAVE A BEER FOR ME.