It's my last working day of the year suckaaaas and boy am I pumped. Soon my whānau and I will be heading north to catch all of the summer rays and swim in warm seas, srsly can't fucking wait. It's been a long year of getting used to fulltime work with the tamariki but we made it and at the risk of sounding like the Best Actress in a Motion Picture winner, there are a few people I need to thank (family goes without saying): Nina for being my girl/collaborator of dreams, our contributors for their willingness to share their voice with us, our tuakana who have shared their insights and words of wisdom (including those whose profiles will be published in the new year), our supporters who have offered many words of encouragement which gives us the momentum to keep going, and you the reader. You're all magic and I appreciate you all. On that note, here's a collection of all the feels I am currently feeling: festive, reflective, tired and excited to rest.

1. Love Actually

Sorry to choose the biggest downer scene in the movie but I just looooove Emma Thompson (she once asked me if I was waiting for the loo and I very nearly fainted) and this scene is superbly acted. What was Christmas even like before this movie arrived? Oh yeah, HOME ALONE. Fuck I really love Christmas movies. Last year we made the mistake of letting our then 3-year old stay up late to watch Jurassic Park (Why was it on on Christmas Day? Why did my husband, who had actually seen it as I haven't, think this was a good idea?), she was terrified. Maybe we'll try Santa Clause or something. As long as I get to see Love Actually I am happy.

For an in-depth look at the complex emotions felt as a 21st Century Woman watching Love Actually this is a good article.

Okay, since you asked for it, here is my other favourite (non-downer) scene:

2. The Allusionist

I have already covered my love for podcasts on Tusk but have recently discovered another one. If you have never heard of Answer Me This then I would highly recommend you add it to your list and revel in all of the lols that will roll out of your belly as you listen to Helen and Olly debate the answers to questions sent in from listeners. Helen and Olly both have separate podcasts too and Helen's one is called The Allusionist  and is all about her love for language. Her latest episode traces the history of Father Christmas/Saint Nicklaus etc etc.


We're heading to Auckland this Christmas and apart from enjoying warmer weather and fine company, I'm going to indulge in visiting some great summer holiday exhibitions including At the Beach - 100 Years of Summer Fashion in New Zealand at the Maritime Museum and Excess Baggage at Auckland Museum. They will handily act as good fodder for my Worn Through reviews...


I haven't been to Tauranga Art Gallery in a really long time so I hope to get along to see the exhibition of video works they have up. My babies aren't really babies anymore so the trick of plonking them in front of mind-bending works doesn't really work anymore...worth a shot for a few minutes peace though. Wish me luck!


As we started Fast Five with Mariah, we shall end the year with her. May we all have as carefree a Christmas as Mariah in this video: