FRIDAY Fast Five: Brought to you by the speed of light. And the internet.

This edition of Fast Five is brought to you by the speed of sound. My first show as a curator of a small gallery space in Christchurch opens on Monday, so I’m deep in the ‘haven’t done this, haven’t done that, shit I didn’t know I had to do that, why am I doing this’ zone. So in the interests of keeping my sanity I am simply presenting you with a list of super cool museum/gallery/art/cultcha websites/blogs. As a novice website proprietor and general internet lurker, it’s awesome to see people doing things well.  Perhaps you know about these sites already…perhaps you don’t.

Regardless, here they are:

1. Brown Girls Museum Blog -

2. Ocula -

3. The Jealous Curator -

4. Museum 2.0 -

5. Walker Art -

So yeah, this is a bit of a cop out....but least "I'm always on time." Eh, eh, get it? PS - wish me luck for the whole 'curating' thing m'k?