FRIDAY Fast Five: New Beginnings

This week has been hella whirlwind and a little bewildering but it's also been about new beginnings. New job, new city, new people. This week's Fast Five is all about those new thingies and other significant happenings of the last week...

1. So, last Friday I packed a suitcase and moved northward to the fair metropolis of Auckland. And on Monday this week I started my new position as Curator Manuscripts at Auckland Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira.

So...week one. Week one has been amazing and bewildering and tiring. But mainly amazing. I feel I've lucked out (in the good sense of the term) with being placed in awesome, energetic, kick-ass team who are excellent at what they do but also (maybe more importantly) are just lovely and welcoming people. As one highlight among many, on Wednesday I went to Museum Medals 2016 which saw five people  receive medals in recognition of their service to Auckland Museum or the wider museum community. There were many highlights including Brian Gill (Auckland War Memorial Museum's Land Vertebrates Curator for over 30 years) reminding us that we are all carrying on a legacy of those who have come before and John Ross (long-time Museum researcher and WWII veteran) speaking of the ability of museums' to unearth forgotten histories. But I was perhaps most Museum-nerd awestruck by Bill Vernon (as in THE Vernon guy. Guys, THE VERNON guy). He also said that receiving the ward was the highlight of his career. 

2. My parting gift from my wonderful amazing team-mates at the Air Force Museum showed they now me well - a bottle of spirits and a book voucher. I haven't put the spirits to good use yet but I did pick up Vincent O'Malley's The Great War For New Zealand. I had to order it in because they had sold out, which was annoying coz I wanted it immediately but also aaaawesome because yay, engaging with NZ history! It's a tome to be sure but boy I can't wait to get stuck in. If anyone was following Matariki's tweets from the launch at Te Papa on Wednesday, you're probably champing at the bit too. As Rahui Papa, Chairman, Te Arataura, Waikato-Tainui says, Vincent's book 'shines a spotlight on a dark period of our collective past and brings it into a modern conversation for the consideration of New Zealand’s future.' 

Get amongst.

3. The other day I happened to be following the Australian Society of Archivists thread and saw this gem: 


4. Now that I live in Auckland I'm going to eat everything in sight. High on the agenda after we arrived was Tiger Burger in Grey Lynn - Korean flavs but like, burgers and stuff. It's ahhhmazing. Get on it. 

5. Also, now that I live in Auckland, I'm determined to not continue my hermit-like Christchurch ways. I thought Kaytranada was going to be my first gig but alas it is all sold out. But anyway, wrap your listening ears around this beaut remix: