FRIDAY Fast Five: Ladies, ladies, ladies

Last night I went with a fellow mum to watch Bad Moms (for the second time) and lemme tell you, I had a great time. It's so awesome to be around other young wahine, who can jump on the ranting bandwagon but who also just get it. I've had two further phone calls with other mates today who just get it, and had lunch with colleagues of mine who just get it. And by 'getting it' I mean they are women who are feminist or believe in mana wahine, they work in the GLAM sector, they may or may not be working mums and for whatever reason, there's that point where you go "aaaah I don't have to explain myself here." And that's a world that I want to live in, being surrounded and supported by, and supporting, other on to it wahine. Giving each other strength to exist in a world that requires a fight on a daily basis. Bringing up kids that will hopefully grow into a world that is a better place. So this is an ode to ladies.

A bad mom in a bad bra  

A bad mom in a bad bra

1. White Victims and Black Monsters: Why I have no time for Becky feminism

Such a great read and so succinct in wrapping up a complex issue. The penultimate paragraph is just so good: "I understand all this is ultimately a critique of patriarchy, which men including my brothers benefit from. But black or intersectional feminism (which we do need) isn’t as simple as standing as a united front against all men because there are many privileges white women have that black men and women don’t." There are privileges that all men have and there are privileges that white people have, that needs to be more widely acknowledged in any movement that marches for equal rights.

2. Feminism and knitting

I haven't had a chance to listen to this properly so I'm just going to guess that it will be, at least, good. Mainly because it includes two things that I care a lot about.

3. The Spinoff parenting

Now, I'm sure you will have guessed from my last fast five that I'm really into The Spinoff, well it gets even better because they are launching a parents section! Happy mum right here.

4. How to tell a Mother her child is dead

This is a pretty sad read but really insightful in terms of the work that doctors have to do.

5. Hold Up

Ending my week, as many should, with Beyoncé.