FRIDAY Fast Five: Hut Life

Today’s Fast Five is inspired by a recent trip to Te Kopi Homestead in Putangirua. Our little whānau went away with another little whānau and though it was only two nights out of the city, and it felt like a week (in a good way). What more can you ask for in an Aotearoa holiday than sun, bbqs, swims and beer? We got all that and more. So that’s my Self Care for this fortnight: reminding myself to get out of the city.

On that note, here are a bunch of things that I got thinking about.

1. Department of Conservation

I’ve written about my appreciation of DOC before, after our last whānau trip down south. Whenever we needed a wharepaku and/or kai break a glorious carpark/campsite/lookout would miraculously appear and they would invariably be run by DOC. Alongside all of the helpful amenities, we would also get a helpful breakdown of the local flora and fauna as well as the significance of the whenua to local iwi. The place we stayed on the weekend was next to the Putangirua Pinnacles. We noticed from the sign by the walk that there was no mention of Māori and from the DOC website I can only find reference to Lord of the Rings. Sooo, if you know what the significance is can you please hook a sister up?

2. Board Games

So. That dickhead’s face was one of the first things we saw as we got to the hut. Thankfully I had the foresight to pack Settlers of Catan so we didn’t have to resort to such drastic measures of playing in his likeness. So also, I looove board games and I think we managed to play five rounds of Catan over the course of our stay which is pretty epic considering there were four children present (who were not at all invited to play).  The two older kids played one very long game of Monopoly while we were there too. Basically, love board games 4eva.

On this game-love note, if you’re in London, will you go along to this game exhibition at the Museum of Childhood for me? Also, you can do a quiz to find out what kind of game face you have and I think it’s bollocks because it reckons I’m a ‘distracted gamer’, get real, I’m here to WIN.

3. What Beyonce Won

And now, to completely depart from the #HutLife kaupapa, we turn to wins and losses of another kind: Beyonce. This article from Myles E. Johnson explores why her loss was still a win, particularly this part: “Perhaps she knew the win was in the fact that when all eyes were on her, she didn’t decide to make herself more palatable to white viewers. Instead, she let her imagination serve her goals, her child and her community.”

Another reminder that if your feminism isn’t intersectional, it’s bullshit.

4. #CindyTalks

On that note. Last week I headed along with some mates to the first of the Contemporary Feminism panels held at City Gallery, in partnership with Radio New Zealand, as an accompaniment to the Cindy Sherman exhibition. It was an underwhelming time. In a way that I feel feminism often is for me, it stops short at race. I was unable to ask my question as the time ran out but the burning one I had was to do with a couple of things Ngahuia Te Awekotuku said: “The sisterhood lost sight of the detail”, and “part of being a revolutionary is noting the absences and asking ‘why?’.

It should not be the job of the minority to ask ‘why?’, that onus should fall on those with more power. Which made it interesting to then hear Ngahuia asked about Māori political representation and Willie Jackson. That is a problem for everyone, and should be shouldered by everyone. I’d like to have heard the other panellists speak to how they question absences.

5. Jade Novah

My mate Leanne shared this with me after Beyonce didn’t win. It gave me many lols. Have some Friday lols: