FRIDAY Fast Five: Good things

Kia ora! I’m writing this in the past (oooh but isn’t everything in the past? That’s your Friday philosophical moment for you), 7pm on Thursday to be precise, and I’m writing from bed because I’m sick and bed is the best. Because this has been such a long and tiring week of kid-sickness (and the accompanying terrible behaviour) which has been transferred to me, this is a Fast Five about things that have made me happy this week. It’s also a nice link to our #WednesdayWhakaaro (which takes place on twitter if you want to participate then you should head over there) this week which was all about the gushy love we have for the sector. I’m not going to lie, this is mostly videos because #bed #sick #comfort and it’s now Friday afternoon so I’ve been in bed for almost 24 hours.


1. The Real Podcast of Housewives

This is a real doozy. I love it. I also openly love shitty tv, and I don’t mean to bad buzz you but I first got super entrenched in it when my friend and I both had parents who were sick so we would hang out and watch The Bachelor together, the first season that is, with the paleo bar magnate. Italicised for ridiculousness. Anyway, in case you live under a ROCK, you will know that New Zealand’s first ever series in the Real Housewives franchise, based in Auckland, has started. It has a “cast” of obscenely rich people who hang out with each other, though I’m pretty sure they mostly don’t like each other, and all they do is eat, drink and yell at each other. It’s marvellous. The Spinoff have also dedicated a pop-up podcast to the show as well as it being covered in their most recent On the Rag podcast episode. You can find them here.


Yeah, yeah, I know people think this is a ripoff of Fatboy Slim but y’know what? It also looks like a fun dance. I want to learn it and break it out at the next party I go to. Especially the yelling parts.

3. Rihanna and Parris

Pretty sure I had my first ever “hot take” on Facebook which I have copied below:

“So you know how Parris Goebel has been criticised in the past for calling her dance style 'Polyswagg' and thus, to some, not acknowledging the dancehall origins? Well, what does it mean that Rihanna, arguably the biggest dancehall exponent of the Caribbean of our time, chose her to choreograph her VMAs performance?

Seems like some mad tautoko to me.”

What do you think?

4. I Am – Somebody

Do you think this clip would fly on Sesame Street these days? Jessie Jackson and tamariki in 1971:

5. Carpool karaoke – J.Lo

This is just fun. Mainly for Leonardo DiCaprio, “You mean tonight boo boo, club-wise?” The good part starts around 9.30 and then there is a song and then there is an answer.

Can’t find a reliable video of Rihanna and Parris’ dance crew at the VMAs so here is an oldie but a goodie from the ReQuest Dance Crew, have a great weekend full of good health: