FRIDAY Fast Five: Olympic Attitudes

We don’t have Sky so I haven’t watched a single Olympics event. My gym is playing them in the ‘Cardio Cinema’ (I know, what even is Les Mills Extreme) but I haven’t had a chance to make it there yet. Woe is me, I know. But, I do love the Olympics. There are some impressive people pushing their bodies to extreme limits. So, in honour of the Olympics and the history surrounding it, here are some links to get your brain tank churning of a Friday afternoon.

Posh forever.

1. Uniforms

New Zealand’s uniforms this year drew widespread yawns and scorn for being so uninspired as to look like the bargain bin at Rebel Sport. Instead of rehashing old ground, let us bask in the glory of bygone years through this post at Miss Moss, in collaboration with Life Magazine (this website often features images from the Life archive which make for great viewing).

2. The Third Man

Arguably the most iconic image in Olympic history:

The story behind the Australian man in it.

3. Crumbling Olympic empire

There is a beauty in decay which is probably one reason why photo accounts of overgrown buildings are so popular. When you add in the fact that these buildings were sites of despair and elation, as experienced by the best athletes of their time, an extra element is revealed. There are many images of abandoned Olympic buildings on the internet and these are a few.

4. Women play sport

And are fucking good at it. Lindy West has written a really great retort to all of the sexist commentary that has come out in regards to female athletes at the Olympics. It’s not hard guys, women play sport, are really good at it so you should give them credit for it and not act as if they’re there because of any related men.

On the flipside, the casual fetishisation of Tongan tae kwon do contender Pita Taufatuofa was bloody weird. Especially when his name was butchered by thirsty women on live television. Le cringe.


5. Just to really ram the point home

Our women’s sevens team won a silver medal this week. Silver is amazing of course, but it does mean that they lost the final, after which they performed a stirring haka which did not go unnoticed by Leslie Jones (who is most definitely more pumped about the Olympics than you are):

Remember Gloria Estefan?! Yup, so do I. We had this on tape when I was growing up. Keep reaching whānau.